April 10, 2014

Verbal Practice Questions Answers

1. A: We know that a large appliance should be disposed of properly, but based on its size it will often be difficult. This is the correct answer.

Answer B, reasonably disposing of the refrigerator, does not make sense since it is not clear what reasonably means in this context. This response can be disregarded immediately. Answer C, Diffidently, means quietly or shyly. A refrigerator wouldn’t ordinarily be quietly disposed of. Answer D, a refrigerator may need to be disposed of in a satisfactory way, but it is not completely difficult. Rather, it may be difficult at some stages of disposal. Answer E, a refrigerator may be efficiently disposed of, and it is not impossible to do this.

2. C: These leagues became very popular when many men were fighting in World War II. This is the correct answer.

Answer A, erratic means that something is inconsistent. This doesn’t describe most sports leagues, so this would not be the best response. Answer B, the leagues were made possible by the absence of male players, but these men were rarely enamored, or charmed, by the military. Answer D, compatible means that the leagues were similar, or well matched. This is an odd way to describe a baseball league. Answer E, sporadic means that something is irregular or happens once in a while. When paired with integral, a word that means vital, this response does not work as well as the first one. Of course, men were vital to the military, but this doesn’t explain why the leagues would be sporadic.

3. B: The main idea of an article is usually presented in the first few sentences. B expresses the main idea, which is that statins are effective in controlling the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

4. A: The only statement that is alluded to in the article is that statins can save lives since they are able to prevent fatal heart attacks in some people.

5. A: The article details reasons statins can be effective in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body.

6. D: The theme of the article is that news photographs must tell the story.

7. A: The passage implies that there are many components that go into taking a photo.

8. C: An objective photograph is one that does not reflect personal feelings or biases.

9. E: Fabricated means made up. This is the correct answer.
Answer A, supercilious means proud or snippy. Answer B, appropriated means took over. Answer C, arresting means exciting. Answer D, insipid means dull or bland.

10. A: Extrapolate means to estimate. This is the correct answer.
Answer B, embroider means to overstate. Answer C, equivocate means to misstate. Answer D, acerbate means to exacerbate or make worse. Answer E, hyperbolize means to exaggerate.