April 7, 2014

Analytical Writing Overview

Analytical Writing OverviewThe Analytical Writing section of the GRE has two components: a Present Your Perspective on an Issue essay and an Analyze an Argument essay. On the Present Your Perspective essay, you are given two possible prompts and asked to select one. These prompts are short arguments, with which you can either agree or disagree. Your task is to develop a coherent, well-reasoned perspective on the issue presented in the prompt. You will have 45 minutes to complete this task.

On the Analyze an Issue essay, you will be presented with a short piece of argumentation. Your task will be to evaluate the logic and strength of this argument. You may want to suggest possible additions or counterarguments to the given argument. You will be given 30 minutes to complete this exercise. Fortunately, the EST has made preparing for the Analytical Writing exercises much easier by posting all of the possible prompts on their website. You should spend a little time looking over this list of prompts before you sit for the exam. Even better, you should practice writing in response to these prompts, or at the very least composing some outlines of responses. The scoring rubric for the Analytical Writing section is primarily focused on coherence and logical structure, so do not worry about being inelegant or boring. Your fundamental goal should be to come up with solid arguments and to support them with clear and logical evidence.

GRE Analytical Writing Strategy Tips

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